Sunday, 29 April 2007


This blog is simply aimed at managing a campaign by NUJ members at the BBC (and other broadcasters) to persuade the union to reverse a policy calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. The following motion, with over 250 names attached, was sent to the General Secretary on April 26th:

As BBC journalists and NUJ members we are dismayed at the passing of a motion at ADM calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. As members of a corporation which prides itself on providing impartial news coverage, we cannot associate ourselves with a move which involves taking sides in any conflict. We call on the union to hold a ballot of all members to see whether they support the view taken at ADM on an issue which could have a profound effect on the way all British journalists are viewed at home and abroad.

Since then, more people have asked to add their names. So the next entry on the blog will be a list of all the current names - and those who want theirs added can either make an entry (NUJ members only please) or email Rory Cellan-Jones or Martin Shankleman.