Tuesday 15 May 2007


The NUJ chapel at Reuters passed the following motion unanimously:
"This Chapel rejects the motion, passed at the Annual Delegates Meeting of the National Union of Journalists in April, calling for a boycott of Israeli goods.
This chapel takes no position whatsoever on the underlying issue addressed by the motion, believing that all such political positioning by the union runs counter to our commitment as Reuters journalists to maintain professional objectivity and freedom from bias.
This chapel notes that such positioning threatens to undermine our ability to work in harmony with colleagues of various nationalities and opinions.
This chapel believes motions that take sides on geopolitical matters divide the union's membership and undermine the solidarity it needs to defend our professional interests and campaign for the freedom, safety and welfare of fellow journalists around the world.
The Chapel mandates its representatives to inform the NUJ of its decision and to advocate and vote for a reversal of the motion at the first opportunity. It mandates its representatives to bring this decision to the attention of the Reuters trustees. "

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