Thursday, 14 June 2007


Sally Hunt, General Secretary of the lecturers' union the UCU, makes clear in a letter to the Guardian that she thinks her members deserve a ballot on any boycott. Why doesn't Jeremy Dear tell us where he stands on this issue? Here's the letter:

Following a recent debate on your letters page and a full-page advert about the University and College Union's congress decision to discuss an academic boycott of Israel I feel it is important I clarify the position. The union is bringing forward proposals to allow a debate to take place within our branches on the arguments for and against an academic boycott of Israel. This does not mean an academic boycott is in place, or that UCU is committed to such a boycott in the future.

My contribution to the debate is to say, as I have many times, that I do not believe an academic boycott of Israel is supported by the majority of UCU's membership. Nor do I believe that it is an issue that members want the union to prioritise.

Following the debates, which need to happen and be concluded as soon as possible, we will need to make sure that the majority of UCU members support whatever position is reached. The best way to do this, in my view, is to hold a ballot of our full membership on the issue.
Sally Hu

So why don't journalists deserve a ballot? Please add your names here if you think they do:

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