Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Tne Broadcasting Industrial Council (BiC)met on 21st May and discussed the Israeli boycott issue at length. Here are some notes from one of those present:

" BiC decided that
- the debate following the vote to boycott Israeli goods is an issue which the BiC takes a view on
- it feels that reform of the union's structures is needed so that chapels play a larger part at ADM as chapels are more representative of the members at large than branches are
- ADM should focus more on industrial relations in the media and the terms and conditions relating to journalists, including press freedom
- issues such as the boycott of Israeli goods are more problematic for broadcasting, as a sector, as we have many members working abroad and, in particular, in the Middle East
- the majority of broadcasting members who have communicated with the union on the boycott believe the action is a mistake ".

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Rosie Niven said...

Hi Rory. Great that you've started this blog. Perhaps if more members start blogging on issues like this, we can raise awareness of the importance of taking part in union decision making and ADM delegates will be more informed of members' feelings when voting.

I'm from London Magazine branch and we've started a blog: http://nujpolicy.wordpress.com to discuss union policy. It includes a link to a podcast of our last meeting, a debate on whether or not the union should take a stance on wider political issues like this. A NEC member, who belongs to your branch, was one of the speakers at this event.